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Thank you Session 1 Participants

We had a very enriching and contemplative study during session 1 in the midst of working on the icon of The Holy Face. In light of all the responsibilities and duties our lives become wrapped around, I am extremely grateful to everyone for devoting your time and energy in learning how to paint icons. In addition to learning technique, the class shared much information about the symbolism in the icon of the Holy Face or Holy Mandelion. For instance:

– A mandelion was a cloth used for wrapping a scroll or parchment letter in ancient times. It was a simple white cloth. The ( Holy) mandelion (Holy Face) of King Edessa was kept as a sacred relic in Constantinople for centuries, until it was destroyed during the invasion of the Latins, being sunk in the Sea of Marmara when a ship went down bearing many relics of the great city.

– The word inside Christ’s halo “O-W-N”, the Greek version of the name Christ gave Himself on Sinai, identifying Him as the “Giver of the Law”. When you see Christ hold an open book, this identifies Him as the fulfiller of the Law and the Gospel.

-IC XC is Greek for “Jesus Christ”

-Reverse Perspective makes an icon scripturally correct. Scripture constantly calls us to repent. Repentance (metanoia) really means to reverse our perspective, to change the way we look at life, to change our minds and our point of view. Therefore, the icon can only be scripturally correct if it reverses our perspective and the art form was originally created quite intentionally for that purpose.

The task of iconography is a calling into contemplation supported by prayer, study and practice.  Each class offers unique information pertaining to the very prototype which will be written.  Please visit  https://korlukastudios.com/2017/09/2018-icon-class-schedule/ for further information about upcoming session 2    https://korlukastudios.com/2017/10/session-2-ss-peter-and-paul-icon/  and session 3    https://korlukastudios.com/2017/10/session-3-st-mary-magdalene-icon/   classes. 

To end this post, I would like to share in the words of Leonid Ouspensky, a renowned iconologist and iconographer about the importance of the icon in Orthodoxy and its witness of being a silent and eloquent preacher of Christianity to the world.”The Orthodox icon struggles for Truth and Beauty. Ultimately, however, it struggles for the human soul because it is in the salvation of souls that the goal and meaning of the existence of the Church lies.”

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