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2018 Session 3- St. Mary Magdalene Icon

Session 3 will study and write and icon of St. Mary Magdalene. She was considered equal to the apostles, was a disciple of Jesus named Mary from Magdala, a town in Galilee. She his called The Great and Holy Myrrh-bearer Mary Magdalene.

Feast Day commemorated July 22.

The icon will be painted on a recessed 11 inch by 13 inch gessoed board with struts. Approx. cost of the authentic panel will be $100.00. A clay ampersand (cradled) board is also adequate and is included in the beginner’s tuition cost.

Tuition for first time student- approx. $295.00; based on purchase price of icon kit at Wet Paint (authentic icon board extra)

Tuition for repeat icon students- $165.00 plus panel

Dates and location https://korlukastudios.com/2017/09/2018-icon-class-schedule/

Some various contemporary images:




In keeping His commandments and laws, O holy Mary Magdalene,
You followed Christ, who for our sake was born of a virgin,
And in celebrating your most holy memory today,
We receive forgiveness of sins by your prayers!

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