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PILGRMAGE/TOUR to Belarus and Lithuania

To All Inquiries,
We are so sorry to say that we feel travel is questionable due to the uncertainty of what is happening between Russia and Ukraine.  We thought it best to wait the circumstances out until 2016.  Travel to Belarus is indeed safe, but if something were to change with movement further west in Ukraine, it would definitely affect the economy and politics in Belarus.  We thought best to not take the risk.  We will indeed begin planning for 2016.
Please let us know if you can carry your interest into 2016 and stay on board with forthcoming information.
Fr. Ihar and I are saddened to make this postponement, but we want to create and facilitate a most amazing experience in culture, history and art for you without concerns of financial risk and potential unrest.
We hope to continue future plans with you!
We remain,
Fr. Ihar and Deb
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