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Thank You 2015 Icon Class Students

Dear Icon Writers,

Glory be to Jesus Christ! 

2015 icon class sessions at St. Mary’s GOC and Basilica of Saint Mary have come to an end.  May God bless your future studies. Congratulations on the creation of your icon, for each and every icon was truly beautiful!

May the journey in writing/painting your icon continually invite you to enter into spiritual transformation by seeking of the true God-man Jesus Christ… the Son of God who honors man’s personal freedom and while drawing him through prayer, through collective worship in the life of the Church, through spiritual tasks, and through LOVE….into everlasting union with Himself.  

Please watch for ongoing information about 2015 summer workshops. The 2016 icon class sessions will be published in August 2015.

from Zechariah 8, two passages speak so clearly about writing icons:

Thus says the Lord of Hosts: Let your hands be strong. (verse 9a) Do not be afraid, but let your hands be strong. (verse 13c)

I wish you a glorious feast day on the Resurrection of our Lord!

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