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A Discourse in Iconography Part 2

From “A Discourse in Iconography,” by Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco Christianity is the inspiration of the world. Christ founded His Church in order to inspire, to transfigure the world, to cleanse it from sin and bring it to that state in which it will exist in the age to come. Christianity was […]

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Transcendence Revealed

Transcendence Revealed by Jane Merriam de Vyver How dare we Break into Divine Silence With our arrogant noise When the beauty Of a song, a dance, A flower, an icon- Like the glee Of a child at play- Says more than All the world’s wise words So solemnly pronounced

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The Icon of The Holy Face

I recently completed the Interior Iconography Project at St. Stefan’s Romanian Orthodox Church, in South St. Paul, Minnesota. The interior project taking place during Great Lent was to adorn the arched wall above the iconostasis with an Icon of The Holy Face (The Holy Icon Not Made with Human Hands) along with angels flanking the […]

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The mysticism of icon painting…

“The mysticism of icon painting is primarily solar, of such that word’s highest spiritual sense. However beautiful the sky’s other colors, may it be the gold of the midday sun remaining the color of colors and the miracle of miracles.” – Prince Eugene Trubetskoi

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A Discourse in Iconography, Part 1

From “A Discourse in Iconography,” by Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco Iconography began on the day our Lord Jesus Christ pressed a cloth to His face and imprinted His divine-human image thereon. According to tradition, Luke the Evangelist painted the image of the Mother of God; and, also according to tradition, there still […]

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The Paschal Troparion

Christ is risen! THE PASCHAL TROPARION: Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing life! PASCHAL HYMN TO THE THEOTOKOS: The angel cried to the Lady Full of Grace: Rejoice, O Pure Virgin! Again I say: Rejoice! Your Son is risen from His three days […]

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