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The Feast Day of Pentecost

As I am preparing materials for the summer workshops, the Pilgrimage to Russia and the Holy Land, and 2018 icon classes, and in regards to this post, I have been wondering how can all these events be connected for a post on my website. For the practical reason, my website entries are suffering due to the amount of work piling up in the studio. Thanks be to God!

So, the Feast Day of Pentecost approaching this coming Sunday, led me to the icon of Rublev’s Trinity. Focusing on the icon of course made sense since we will be finding ourselves in Russia in a few days less than 4 months away! This presents an opportunity to revisit the life of Andrei Rublev the iconographer and share with you my commentary written for icon classes about the masterpiece film by Andrei Tarkovsky, Andrei RublevRublev 

Rublev is known for the famous icon of the Trinity, Rublev’s Trinity. This icon is housed in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. The icon is moved to St. Nicholas Church adjoining Tretyakov on the feast day of Pentecost. An Archpriest, Andrei Rumiantsev, a prior clergyman of the Church of St. Nicholas , remarked: “In the icon of the Holy Trinity we see the fullness of the Christian conception of God, the world, and the place of man in this world.”


Holy Pentecost Troparion 

Blessed art You O Christ Our God / You have revealed the fishermen as most wise / By sending down upon them the Holy Spirit / Through them You drew the world into Your net / O Lover of Man, Glory to You!

It might be time to coordinate another viewing of the film.  I will keep everyone updated which I suspect will be a winter event.

Andrei Rublev, Monk and Iconographer, 1430

Holy God, we bless you for the gift of your monk and icon writer Andrei Rublev, who, inspired by the Holy Spirit, provided a window into heaven for generations to come, revealing the majesty and mystery of the holy and blessed Trinity; who lives and reigns through ages of ages. Amen.


Like a trumpet, you clearly sounded the sweetness of divine hymns,
And were revealed as a brilliant beacon shining on the world with the light of the Trinity.
Therefore, we all cry to you, venerable Andrew:
“Unceasingly pray for us all.”

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