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Interior Design Work and Iconography Project at St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church

Beginning Phase for the Interior Design Work and Iconography Project for St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church, West St. Paul, MN

The parish is supporting the beginning phases of adding decorative church art and iconography to the interior church worship space. Discussion about the interior of the church presents an opportunity to evaluate in greater understanding the ability to contemplate the existing iconographic program along with potential to expand. Anytime a change is being considered, the order of the change must be considered within the context of the symbolism of the Church as a whole. The Church itself has determined the selection and placement of icons, both portable and the wall paintings. The Church tells us what icons are to be painted and where they are put according to Church tradition. Part of the task of the iconographer is to explain this tradition to the people, and make recommendations to the parish for implementing the interior program. Every color, object, architectural area plays a very important role in the symbolic context of the Church and its meaning. Everything in the church has dual character: material and spiritual. The material is accessed through our senses, the spiritual is suggested through symbols, the language of color and line. In the Church, one can not study the symbolism of the Church apart from Liturgy. The two developed together.

This project will consist of various phases. Please watch future posts that will explain the significance of the patterns selected.

Phase One- adding decorative motif to the long walls underneath the windows. A traditional Byzantine design has been selected for this space.


Phase Two- application of the traditional “veil” on the bottom portion of the long walls below the chair rail below the newly painted motif design.


The veiling pattern is from St. George Greek Orthodox in Marathoussa, Greece. I along with my family were recently in this church for the baptism of our grandson, Alexander Giorgos Emmanoulakis.

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