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Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God of the Sign

The wonder-working Kursk Root icon of the Mother of God of the Sign will be brought to St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral (1701 5th Street NE, Minneapolis) on Wednesday, March 26 for veneration during the 9 am Presanctified Liturgy. This miracle-working icon is one of the most ancient and revered icons of Russia, dating to the 13th century. Brought out from Russia after the Communist Revolution, this icon has been carefully cared for as a source of blessing and renewal in Orthodox communities throughout the western world. It is an extraordinary occasion and although on a Wednesday morning it provides a wonderful opportunity to bring before the Mother of God the cares and sorrows and concerns of our hearts…

An icon is, as St. Apostle Paul said, “presentation of spirit and power”: presentation of spirit – it is real presence of a Saint in an icon, and presentation of power – are miracles, that come from specially glorified wonder-working icons, by the faith of asking and praying people.

– V.V. Lepakhin, “Functions of an Icon. An icon and an Image”

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