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Themes for Icon Class 2019/ Session 2/ Weep Not for Me, O Mother

2019 icon classes

Weep not for Me, O Mother


Monastery of Iviron, Mount Athos, 16th century 

This icon portrays the Mother of God who is weeping for her Son during his burial. However, this image does not only speak of suffering and sorrows. The name of the icon Weep Not For Me, O Mother is a quote from the heirmos of Ode 9 of the Canon of Holy Saturday:

“Weep not for Me, O Mother, beholding in the tomb… for I shall arise and shall be glorified, and as God I shall exalt with glory unceasing those that with faith and love magnify thee.”

The words of comfort and promises of the imminent Resurrection are anticipated. Neither death, nor hell can contain the God-man, which is why Christ is shown half-length in the tomb.

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