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Symbolism of the Christian Cross- St. George Project

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Symbolism of the Christian Cross

To continue discussion on the symbol of “The Cross” in the border design:

The Cross is the mighty and profound symbol of Christianity. It is the most familiar symbol in Christianity carrying with it a multitude of meanings and designs.

The cross in the design of the newly painted border is a Greek style cross. The Greek cross has arms of equal length. It is the most common cross of Christian cross types and was in use by the 4th century. More specifically, our cross style in the border is a Greek floral cross. The three sections on the end of the arms are intended to bring remembrance to the Trinity. It has also been said that the 4 equal arms in the Greek cross signify the 4 evangelists spreading The Word to the 4 corners of the earth.

Not only is the Cross the most common symbol in church decoration, it is a traditional architectural form for the shape of Orthodox churches.

Gazing upon the Cross with mind and heart opens the Christian into greater symbolic depths of spiritual growth. It is just like a plant needing fertile soil, moisture, and sunlight in order to grow. A Christian needs the Cross of Christ both in spiritual and physical life for providing nourishment, drink, warmth, light, healing, mercy, hope and comfort. To know the Lord Jesus Christ, crucified on the Cross, is the hope of our salvation.

In Orthodox icons, we are given remembrance that the Cross was made of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. On the Cross, our Lord Jesus Christ destroyed the manuscript of Adam’s sin and in turn accomplished the salvation of man. Watered with the Divine Blood, that Cross, which had come from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which had brought people death, was transformed into the Tree of Life. The outstretched, crucified arms clearly bear witness to the fact that the Lord does not desire the death of a sinner. He is ready to forgive and embrace everyone who truly repents, regardless of how sinful they might be. Therefore, the Cross is truly a most powerful sign bearing a reality which has the competence of manifesting God to men. The Cross symbolically carrys us beyond ourselves into the genuine union and knowledge of things eternal and divine.


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