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The Ministry of Iconography

The Divine Iconographer is the Holy Spirit. Nothing can be accomplished without the grace of the Holy Spirit. By coming into deeper communion with God through prayer and practice, the prayerful art form of the icon can cultivate spiritual awareness calling us to become one in God’s truth. The icon reveals the truth of the grace of the Holy Spirit coming to all Christians and affecting all of salvation. St. Athanasius exclaimed, “God became man, so that man might become God”. In other words, life is a calling to become perfect. The desire to become perfect is a holy task. The icon is a holy gift which in its artistic perfection is not only a reflection of celestial glory, but a concrete example of matter restored to its original harmony and beauty in the grace of the Holy Spirit.

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2018 Icon Class Information

Glory be to Jesus Christ! Another year approaches in the anticipation of Icon Class 2018! Join me for a lesson in writing icons. All sessions concentrate on technique, along with a spiritual and theological study on the prototype. Click here to view the 2018 Icon Classes Schedule.  http://korlukastudios.com/my-work/icon-classes/ We will concentrate on the study of […]

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The Feast Day of Pentecost

As I am preparing materials for the summer workshops, the Pilgrimage to Russia and the Holy Land, and 2018 icon classes, and in regards to this post, I have been wondering how can all these events be connected for a post on my website. For the practical reason, my website entries are suffering due to […]

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VIDA Design Studio/ Some Fun for Charity

Every year Icon Art Studios is a sponsor for The Medical Crisis Program’s Gala. The 2017 Gala is Sunday September 17th on the Terrace of the Stillwater Library from 4-7 pm.  http://www.lomcp.com/2017/save-the-date-for-the-2017-fundraising-gala/ This year the sale of Deb’s design products from her equine art will be available at the gala. The company VIDA  https://shopvida.com  invited […]

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2017 Summer Workshops

The pending schedule for 2017 Egg Tempera Summer Workshops are: 3 Summertime Sessions that will consist of 3 days for each session. Place- St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church, 2215 Third Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418 Proposed Dates and Time- 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Session 1- June 21,22,23 (Wednesday- Friday) Session 2- August […]

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